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1.      What is “N. A. Plot” or “Bungalow Plot?”
N. A. Plot is a Non-Agricultural plot on which construction of any type like Bungalow, Shop, Office, Industrial unit can be done. N. A. [Non Agricultural] comprises of mainly the following types:
A. Residential                  B. Commercial                   C.  Industrial 

2.      Farm Plot or Farm House?

Farm Plot is piece of Agricultural land which can be used for development of a farm; a small house called “FARM HOUSE” can be constructed in such a plot without converting it into “Non Agricultural” subject to Govt. norms.  

3.      Whether purpose is served or not?
          Only having legal satisfaction is not going to give us feel for which we are buying weekend Home or Farm House so basically requirement should be lots of Trees, Bushes, Fruits, Flowers, Birds, Lake or River, good natural views etc.

4.      7/12 Extract?
7/12 extract typically known as “SAAT BARA UTARA” gives you idea about Ownership of Land, Co-owner, Survey Number, Gut Number,Village, Taluka, District and Status whether it is Agricultural or Non Agricultural.

5.      Search Report and Title Certificate?
This gives you information about history of owners of land its previous Sale or Purchase record as per Registration entries in Government record.

6.      How much safe to develop Individual?
Buying land individually is risky from title point of view. Development of basic requirement like Road, Water, Electricity could also be costly based on sources even after availability of these factors maintenance of such Farm House or Weekend House could not be difficult being an alone. Security from theft is major problem. So it is always safer to opt in a group or society or from any developer offering common facility.

7.      Selection of location?
It is always advisable to opt for location where connectivity is easy in case of emergency preferably public transport should be available in addition to self conveyance i.e. Railway Station, National Highway, State Highway, State Transport facility Auto Rickshaw etc.